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2 in 1 Infrared & Traditional/Steam Corner Sauna - 4-5 Person

2 in 1 Infrared & Traditional/Steam Corner Sauna - 4-5 Person

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This 2 in 1 infrared and steam corner sauna is a versatile and efficient option for those looking to reap the benefits of both infrared and steam saunas. With the ability to accommodate 4-5 people, this sauna is perfect for relaxation and detoxification. Experience improved circulation, pain relief, and skin purification in the comfort of your own home.

Comfortable bench: The interior of the sauna room is equipped with a comfortable bench.

Explosion-proof lights The lighting that can withstand high temperatures illuminates the sauna.

Ventilation Holes: Produces air exchange, allowing fresh air to constantly flow inside the sauna to ensure air quality.

Voltage/Power: 220V / 6000W

Size: 86.60"L x 86.60"W x 82.68"H

Control Panel(USB+BLUETOOTH)

Music Speaker

LED Reading Light

Temperature Sensor: Sauna problems are detected in real time and displayed on the control panel. When it detects that the temperature reaches the set temperature, the sauna maintains the temperature.

7 Color therapy lamp: 7 different colors of light can be switched according to your own needs, and different colors of light can be used to balance the "energy" that the human body lacks.

Temperature Range: 0°F - 195°F

Glass Thickness:    0.31"

Installation: We do not provide Install. These are fairly simple to install, and we provide instructions to help put together. The Stove does require hard Wire which we would recommend you to find a licensed electrician.  

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