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2 in 1 Infrared & Traditional/Steam Sauna - Reclined Chair

2 in 1 Infrared & Traditional/Steam Sauna - Reclined Chair

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Experience the ultimate relaxation with our 2 in 1 Infrared & Steam Sauna. Combining the benefits of both infrared heat and steam, this reclined chair sauna offers a deeply penetrating and detoxifying experience. Relax muscles, improve circulation, and rejuvenate your body with our innovative sauna technology.

Comfortable bench: The interior of the sauna room is equipped with a comfortable bench.

Explosion-proof lights The lighting that can withstand high temperatures illuminates the sauna.

Oxygen bar: The oxygen ion converter can convert oxygen in the air into negative oxygen ions to replenish the human body with oxygen and electricity.

Ventilation Holes: Produces air exchange, allowing fresh air to constantly flow inside the sauna to ensure air quality.

Voltage/Power: 220V / 6000W

Size: 70.87"L x 70.87"W x 82.68"H

Control Panel(USB+BLUETOOTH)

Music Speaker

LED Reading Light

Temperature Sensor: Sauna problems are detected in real time and displayed on the control panel. When it detects that the temperature reaches the set temperature, the sauna maintains the temperature.

Temperature Range: 0°F - 195°F

Glass Thickness:    0.31"

Installation: We do not provide Install. These are fairly simple to install, and we provide instructions to help put together. The Stove does require hard Wire which we would recommend you to find a licensed electrician.

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