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Barrel Saunas - Panoramic Curved Glass

Barrel Saunas - Panoramic Curved Glass

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Introducing our Barrel Sauna with panoramic glass, expertly crafted for a truly authentic sauna experience. Made from the finest materials and designed for optimal heat retention, our saunas offer a natural and rejuvenating escape. Experience the many benefits of sauna therapy with our traditional and expertly crafted Barrel Saunas.


Porch:  An outdoor resting area is provided, where you can sit and breathe in the air of the nature that encompasses you.

Comfortable bench: The interior of the sauna room is equipped with two long benches, which you can lie on and enjoy the sauna more comfortably.

Wooden bucket and spoon: Using these two tools, sprinkle water onto the heater and it can produce more steam, allowing the sauna to heat up rapidly.

Thermometer: The thermometer can display the temperature of the sauna room

Panoramic View Window: Provide a wider field of vision, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery while enjoying the sauna.

Furnace frame: A wooden frame, fixed to the side of the sauna room, in which the electric sauna heater can be placed in.

Explosion-proof lights The lighting that can withstand high temperatures illuminates the sauna.

Ventilation Holes: Produces air exchange, allowing fresh air to constantly flow inside the sauna to ensure air quality.

Voltage/Power: 220V / 6000W (4500W for 2-4 person).


2-4 Person: 70.8"W x 59"L x 70.8"H  

4-6 Person: 70.8"W x 70.8"L x 70.8"H

6-8 Person: 70.8"W x 94.5"L x 70.8"H

Temperature Range: 0°F - 195°F

Glass Thickness:    0.31"

Installation: We do not provide Install. The Barrel Saunas is one of the more difficult Saunas to put together, but we do provide instructions.

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